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Sound Journeys Through Gongs and Himalayan Bowls: 6 PM

$25 in advance | $35 at the door

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Join gong lovers, yogis, and healers, Gallina and Mike Tamburo (Harnek Kaur & Singh) from Pittsburgh’s Crown of Eternity as you vibrate and tune into your inner self-healer, inviting a state of harmony and bliss. Bathe in waves of sound from multiple gongs, bells and metal singing bowls. The deep complex harmonics of multiple gongs quickly silence the mind and entrain the brain into a spontaneous state of deep meditation. The rhythmic sound oscillations of therapy grade Himalayan bowls placed on or around the body penetrate into the tissues and are often experienced as a full body sound massage that allows us to let go—letting go of stress, worries, anxieties, doubt, fears and feelings that have a negative effect on our health and life. Listeners often describe out of body experiences, seeing beautiful colors behind their eyes, past life impressions, expanded awareness and higher states of consciousness. We will begin to prepare the body to enter a state of healing and receptivity through the sacred practices of guided meditation, breathwork, or deep listening. We will then relax deeply to the sounds of multiple gongs for a vibrational experience like no other!!!

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket or cushion (or borrow ours) for your comfort for an extended period of lying on the floor.

About Crown of Eternity

Crown of Eternity is a duo comprised of accomplished musicians and sound healers Harnek Singh & Kaur (Mike and GallinaTamburo) whose shared love of ecstatic music, kundalini yoga, the gong, sound healing, and sacred chanting set the foundation of their relationship, marriage and eventual musical collaboration. They currently live in Pittsburgh, PA where they both teach kundalini yoga and run their own yoga and vibrational healing center. In addition to completing their Kundalini Teacher Training at the mother ashram in Espanola, NM, they have studied with Gongmasters DonConreaux and Sotantar and trained in the Peter Hess Method of Sound Massage using Himalayan Singing Bowls for healing.   They are currently touring throughout the US in support of their debut mantra CDs - "Vibrate the Cosmos" and "The Cosmos Shall Clear the Path".  Their concerts are an enveloping and expansive experience.