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Prenatal Yoga


Prenatal Yoga applies breathing, meditation and postures to empower and enhance your pregnancy and birth experience.  Prenatal yoga helps to prepare expectant mothers for both delivery and the postpartum period as well as encouraging a connection with the pregnancy and your growing baby. The prenatal classes will help to build strength, focus, and flexibility all specifically designed for the pregnant woman.  The class will consist of a combination of active flowing poses as well as restorative poses providing both energy and relaxation.  The class will also include some simple breathing and meditation techniques to help foster mindfulness and deepen the awareness of your body. Yoga will also help with many of the common discomforts that occur during pregnancy.  It will help to strengthen both the uterus & pelvic floor muscles.  It improves circulation which helps with varicose veins, swelling as well as improved oxygen supply to both mom and baby.  It aids in digestion and relieves constipation by increasing motility.  It also helps with back pain and sciatica issues.  Lastly it decreases fatigue, tension and can aid in a better night’s sleep. The group setting of prenatal Yoga classes provide a serene, supportive, community energy that will allow you to connect and openly share resources, questions and excitement’s with other moms-to-be. No prior yoga experience is required, and pregnant women of all stages of pregnancy are welcome. Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle, if you do not have a mat one will be provided at no extra cost.

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Earlier Event: September 12
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Later Event: September 15
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